Our History

Access Electric Supply was founded by Scott Yarnell in 1991, recognizing a need in the electrical marketplace for a source with a niche focus on specialized products. While the trend in the electrical distribution world was consolidation, Wall Street mergers and economies of scale, Access Electric Supply was working hard to stay small and local. This mindset has allowed us to serve our customers with a greater degree of understanding and intimacy that can only come from personal relationships and the nimbility of a small business.

Over the years, Access has grown with the market and the addition of handpicked personnel, but the approach has never changed. Stay in tune with customer needs and trends, serve our customers with the greatest degree of attention and keep focused on core products.

Our Approach

By focusing on core competencies of power and controls, Access Electric Supply is able to have a deep understanding of customer challenges and manufacturer solutions. Whether its simple consulting on vintage MCC parts or delivery of turnkey substations, our team is able to provide results unparalleled in the industry. We don’t have millions of SKU’s to manage or a library of catalogs for specialty lamps. While we can’t be everything to everyone, we are able to provide a superior level of knowledge and solutions for what is most important to your electrical system.

Over the years, Access Electric Supply has become aligned with key manufacturer and outside parties to deliver powerful package solutions. Industry giants such as ABB, General Electric and Siemens provide our customers with centuries of technology leadership, but it’s our understanding of varying strengths that allow us to put the right product solutions into place. We also rely on local service providers to round out some projects, whether its start up and testing, repair of existing equipment or custom buswork to bring everything together.

Today’s technology allows businesses to automate and stay updated to the minute. While this has enabled most to become more efficient, it also creates openings for over reliance. We believe business still has a personal touch and while we rely on technology to keep us accessible, we make sure that our customers get the attention that is deserved with every order. Access Electric Supply doesn’t attempt to serve the mass market because that distraction would keep us from serving those that seek out our type of approach.