Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are the brains of the electrical system and are found in everything from switchyards to control panels.  Whether you are buying new circuit breakers incorporated into electrical apparatus or replacing a single breaker in existing equipment, there are many factors to consider from ratings, to functionality, to selectivity.  The team at Access Electric has the expertise to help you select the right breaker and the network to find it in a timely manner.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

  • Typically rated 15 – 2000 amps and up to 600VAC
  • Generally found in panelboards and switchboards
  • Current detection can be magnetic, thermal magnetic or electronic
  • Commonly found manufacturers are Eaton, General Electric, Siemens and Square D

Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

  • Typical envelopes are 800 – 6000 amps and up to 600VAC
  • Generally found in switchboards and switchgear
  • Many options available in trip unit functionality, circuit breaker operation and safety features
  • ABB and GE have robust retrofit programs for antiquated switchgear

Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

  • Ratings typically seen up to 27kV and 4000 amps
  • Generally found in metal enclosed switchgear
  • Typically utilize vacuum bottles to quench arc on opening
  • ABB featured for ability to replace most existing MV circuit breakers