Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage switchgear is generally found where uptime and safety are of the highest importance.  ANSI class switchgear is designed to withstand faults for 30 cycles and utilizes UL 1066 circuit breakers for superior operation and maintainability.  Depending on your application and constraints, Access Electric Supply can guide you to the manufacturer best suited to meet your requirements.  Highlights of our favored manufacturing partners are listed below:

General Electric Switchgear

  • Designs up to 5000 amp and 150KAIC without the use of fuses
  • Superior arc flash protection systems incorporating ZSI, maintenance settings or Arc Vault technology
  • Entellisys 5.0 products offer maximum flexibility and reliability

IEM Switchgear

  • Designs up to 5000 amp and 200KAIC
  • Ability to incorporate any manufacturer’s circuit breakers for customer preference and selectivity
  • Unique bus designs and footprints to match existing or fit constrained rooms