Medium Voltage MCC

Medium voltage MCC’s provide an economical means of centralizing motor starters or feeders along with control equipment.  Continued advancements with this  product family includes arc resistant designs, electronic starting capabilities and advanced relay systems.   Below are highlights of some of Access’s authorized partners in medium voltage motor control.

ABB Advance MCC

  • Arc resistant MCC’s up to 7.2kV
  • Ability to incorporate variable frequency drives into lineups

General Electric Limit Amp MCC

  • Arc resistant MCC’s up to 7.2kv and 800 amp contactors
  • Variety of conversion kits to upgrade legacy LimitAmp equipment
  • Front accessible options

Motortronics MV Soft Starts

  • Capabilities up to 15kV and 20,000 HP
  • Short cycle capabilities
  • Recognized as the leader in soft starting medium voltage motors