Access offers a variety of solutions when it comes to panelboards.  Our alignment with GE allows us to serve the Seattle market well with our short cycle plant in Kent.  Their capabilities scope from small lighting panels to 1200 amp Spectra power panels.  For customers seeking more unique panelboard solutions, we can offer panelboards from IEM in Fremont, California.  IEM is known for quality worksmanship and wide ranging options for a panelboard custom suited to the application.  Additionally, IEM offers the ability to incorporate most any circuit breaker  into a panel.  If you need to match existing gear or replace a panel interior, IEM is a solid choice.

General Electric Panelboards

  • Panelboards up to 1200 amps, with reduced can sizes for power panels
  • Integrated submetering available for tenant metering
  • Short cycle Puget Sound plant with lead times of 1 day

IEM Panelboards

  • Panelboards up to 1200 amps
  • Ability to incorporate nearly any circuit breaker
  • Robust construction designed for durability
  • Stainless steel and marine grade aluminum enclosures