UL 891 switchboards offer an end user solidly constructed power distribution equipment at a price point lower than UL 1558 switchgear.  Many of the safety features commonly found in switchgear can be in corporated into switchboards as well.  The team at Access has the expertise to help guide you through the decision of what style of gear is best for your application and can provide budgets and drawings based on your needs.  We are well aligned with switchboard manufacturers with strengths in different areas, as you can see below:

General Electric Switchboards

  • Capabilities up to 5000 amps
  • Entelliguard trip units for safety and selectivity
  • Integrated switchboard offering
  • Short cycle Puget Sound plant with lead times of 1 day

IEM Switchboards

  • Capabilities up to 12,000 amps
  • Ability to incorporate nearly any circuit breaker
  • Customized footprints and heights
  • Strong in connecting to existing equipment