Access Electric Supply is known for solving tough electrical problems across multiple sectors. Here are a few examples of how our team utilized our manufacturing connections and targeted problem-solving to find individualized solutions to some complicated electrical issues across Washington State.

Custom Substations Save Real Estate and Installation Costs

An aerospace facility located in the Puget Sound region was looking to replace some substations that were nearing end of life. In addition to increasing the capacity of these outdoor power units, the engineer also sought to reduce the overall footprint. Years of modifications to these units left lighting control panels stapled to the exterior of the substation, standalone panelboards on unistrut and other components out in the rain.

Read about how Access’s manufacturing partners were utilized to develop this one-of-a-kind substation, getting the customer exactly what they wanted.

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Switchboard Repair Keeps Data Center Online

When a small data center in the Seattle area found out their primary service had failed, they knew they had some work ahead. The utility compartment in their 2000 amp, 480V, switchboard had a phase to phase failure, likely caused by a loose connection. The switchboard had a busduct connection on the incoming, making replacement a challenge and were running off of their generator to keep their customers from losing their cloud. Timing was critical and a new busduct switchboard was going to be 8 weeks out.

Find out how the team at Access came up with a solution that had not been proposed to cut costs by 80% and lead time by 75%.

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Custom Manufactured Powerhouse Exceeds Expectations

A petrochemical facility located in the Puget Sound was facing new safety regulations that required upgrading part of their electrical system to meet blast resistant requirements. They were looking for a turnkey solution to minimize install time, meet class 1 division 2 standards and carry a Washington State Gold Seal for structures.

The following document outlines how Access was able to utilize multiple manufacturing partners to develop a solution that was unmatched in timeline and costs.

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Retrofit Panelboards Save Significant Construction Costs

A healthcare facility located in the Puget Sound region was faced with significant construction costs as a change in their main service  increased the fault current above the ratings of some legacy panelboards.  Some panelboards were embedded in concrete and to swap them out could have meant serious structural changes.  To make the situation more difficult, not any circuit breakers would solve the situation as selective coordination needed to be maintained for this hospital.

Read about how Access Electric Supply’s unique approach helped to keep costs low and deliver a solution that met the needs of all parties involved.

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