Retrofit Panelboards Save Significant Construction Costs


A healthcare facility located in the Puget Sound region was faced with significant construction costs as a change in their main service increased the fault current above the ratings of some legacy panelboards. Some panelboards were embedded in concrete and to swap them out could have meant serious structural changes. To make the situation more difficult, not any circuit breakers would solve the situation as selective coordination needed to be maintained for this hospital.


Access Electric was called out to assess the situation and provide solutions that met the new requirements of the facility. Measurements of the existing panels and boxes were taken for the mounting studs and the dimensional constraints of the existing boxes. Access teamed up with Industrial Electric Manufacturing out of California to develop a solution that met the customers physical constraints, along with their accelerated timeline.


Eight panelboards and fronts were custom manufactured to meet existing mounting studs, box depth, and wire bending limits by IEM in Fremont, CA. The shipment was delivered in time to meet the shutdown and the equipment was installed without a hitch.

The healthcare facility was able to upgrade their electrical service without disruption in service and the contractor came out the hero by finding a non-cataloged solution that kept costs down.