Switchboard Repair Keeps Data Center Online


When a small data center in the Seattle area found out their primary service had failed, they knew they had some work ahead. The utility compartment in their 2000 amp, 480V, switchboard had a phase to phase failure, likely caused by a loose connection. The switchboard had a busduct connection on the incoming, making replacement a challenge and were running off of their generator to keep their customers from losing their cloud. Timing was critical and a new busduct switchboard was going to be 8 weeks out.


Access Electric went to meet with the equipment owner and realized the cost and timing challenges that a new switchboard would present. After a thorough assessment of the switchboard, it was determined that the equipment failure was isolated to the utility compartment. Bus measurements were taken and new bus was manufactured and plated to retrofit into the compartment.


By working with the owner, contractor and Seattle City Light, Access was able to develop a solution that kept the costs low, the fix simple and the generator quiet. The project came in at 20% of the cost of a new switchboard and was implemented in a matter of days. The customer had assurances in the new solution through a 3rd party inspection, testing and infrared measurements on the fix, all coordinated through Access. Overall, it was a complete success and a solution that couldn’t be found in a catalog.