Howard began his career in the electrical distribution business in 1979 when he was hired by WESCO as the district’s graduate trainee. After completion of the training program he was promoted to the industrial outside sales position in the Seattle branch. Shortly thereafter, WESCO successfully bid the user call contract with the Boeing Company. That initial award directed his career path in the distribution business, whereby Boeing became the primary customer for the following 12 years at WESCO.

After a rewarding career with a major supplier, Howard and Goff Smith left for greener pastures and opened up Smith & Benzel Electrical. Again, Boeing and major electrical contractors doing business with Boeing became the focus of S&B. In 2001, Goff Smith retired and Howard merged S&B with Access Electric. The last chapter was written, Access Electric has been home for the past 12 years and a career of mostly independent work is winding down. The compliment of new and energetic personnel will most certainly keep Access Electric in good hands. Work appears to have come full circle, the first of 2014 Howard will be working for the man again.